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Social Media Raises, But Email Marketing Still Better

An interesting study just out from Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project reports that, despite the known rising trend in social network usage among adults, email marketing and search engines still reign supreme.

Pew found that though social network use is on the rise (65% of adults now report using social networking sites as opposed to only 11% in 2005) email and search have a grip that are hard to release. 92% of American adults report using both email and search engines with about 6 of every 10 doing so daily.

These figures make come into better focus. Social networking, though important, cannot compete with the importance of reaching customers through email. This is compounded by the fact that email’s hold as the top ranked online activity has been consistent for 9 years running (since 2002).

Adults are creatures of habit and though the rise of social networking sites and marketing through them represents a viable opportunity to expand brand awareness to new niches, there is a resounding call to stay true to what works and to that which we know people use: email marketing.

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  1. Very interesting article. Just reminds you everything in moderation. And don’t forget to stick with what works eg advertising marketing budget don’t forget to allow for beautiful high impact signage.

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